Energy Observer unveils new hydrogen-powered cargo ship

The new hydrogen cargo vessel will be capable of producing its own hydrogen with the ship’s surplus of renewable energies whilst also being powered by liquid hydrogen.

Energy Observer unveils new hydrogen-powered cargo ship
Photo: Energy Observer

Energy Observer has unveiled a brand-new laboratory vessel with the “first” complete hydrogen chain.

In doing so, the ship is completely zero-emission and will be utilised to explore real world data for hydrogen application within the maritime industry whilst also becoming a champion for the hydrogen industry.

With the liquid hydrogen market being well established, Energy Observer will use the vessel to tackle several technological challenges such as the integration of large tanks as well as the management of cryogenic temperatures – both crucial in enabling the scaling of hydrogen in the maritime sector.

The Energy Observer 2 will also pool the collective knowledge from across the hydrogen sector with Air Liquide, CMA CGM Group, EODev, LMG Marin, Ayro, Bureau Veritas, The French Maritime Cluster, and T2EM Institute all working together for the success of the vessel.

Victorien Erussard, President and Founder of Energy Observer, said:

“With this demonstrator ship, we want to go all the way in decarbonising medium-sized industrial ships, using hydrogen directly as a fuel.

“We believe in the capacity of the French maritime industry to become an international model, benefiting from an agile and efficient research-industry ecosystem.”

Matthieu Giard, Member of the Executive Committee in charge of Hydrogen activities at Air Liquide, said:

“The adventure of hydrogen is above all a story of pioneers. With Energy Observer, we share this desire to push back the technological frontiers to take concrete action in the face of the climate emergency.

“Liquid hydrogen will play a major role in the decarbonation of maritime transport. Air Liquide’s experience and, that of the various players involved in the Energy Observer 2 project will help prove that liquid hydrogen is low-carbon energy adapted to large cargo ships.

“That project opens up important prospects by touching on the heavy transport sector, for which hydrogen is particularly relevant.”