Eelume partners with Exail to equip all-terrain AUVs with advanced navigation systems

Exail has been selected by Eelume to supply its Phins Compact C3 Inertial Navigation System (INS) for Eelume's new S-Series all-terrain Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

Eelume partners with Exail to equip all-terrain AUVs with advanced navigation systems

The Eelume S-Series is a new generation of all-terrain AUVs specifically designed for mapping and operating in challenging underwater terrains. Unlike traditional AUVs, they boast 360° of maneuverability in roll and pitch, offering versatility and sustainability in accessing previously unreachable environments.

Providing highly accurate and robust navigation data, the Phins Compact C3 INS will enhance Eelume AUVs' capabilities for efficient exploration, inspection, and monitoring in complex environments such as hillsides, under-ice areas, vessels, and harbors. Its compact OEM form factor will ensure easy integration into the AUVs, facilitating swift deployment and streamlining operations.

"We required a compact navigation system aligned with our eco-friendly approach, delivering unparalleled navigational accuracy and agility to conduct missions in intricate underwater terrains efficiently. Exail's Phins Compact C3 INS checks all the boxes,” said Thomas Nygaard, CEO of Eelume. “Thanks to this collaboration, our versatile AUVs paired with the Phins Compact C3 are set to totally change the game for underwater exploration."

"We are grateful to Eelume for choosing our Phins Compact C3 INS for their latest AUV. It's been rewarding to contribute to the development of such an innovative vehicle," commented Quentin Chiche, Regional Sales Manager at Exail. “This partnership underscores Exail's ability to deliver high-performance INS customized for next-generation AUVs. It also highlights our commitment to advancing underwater navigation technology by supporting our clients' innovations and fostering a culture of technological progress and collaboration."