Fincantieri launches the "Masters of the Sea" project

The initiative, developed in collaboration with the ELIS consortium, aims to train and recruit shipbuilding personnel to address the shortage of specialized labor

Fincantieri launches the "Masters of the Sea" project

Fincantieri has unveiled the "Masters of the Sea" project in Rome, initiating a paid training program, that will lead to the hiring of 90 individuals within the summer of 2024. This learning pathway is designed to search, educate and employ workers in the shipbuilding sector.

The "Masters of the Sea" initiative has been developed as part of Distretto Italia, an orientation, training, and job placement project launched in 2023 by the ELIS consortium, of which Fincantieri is a member. It represents an investment in technical knowledge, offering a paid training program aimed at direct employment at Fincantieri's shipyards across Northern, Central, and Southern Italy.

The initial two training courses, for Dimensional Control Operators and Naval Plant Operators, will involve 30 participants. Over the coming months, four additional courses are scheduled, aimed at training Naval Operators, Crane Operators and Slingers.

Fincantieri has based its Business Plan on the cultivation of skills and the "Made in Italy" spirit of innovation, moving beyond mere "craftmanship" to an evolved concept of "intellectual craftsmanship," capable of reconnecting Italians with manufacturing, skilled manual work, new technologies and the high standards of excellence that distinguish our products.

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and Managing Director of Fincantieri, said:

“The course of Italy's industrial future passes through the training of a skilled workforce, the “intellectual craftmanship” of tomorrow. From this idea comes the 'Masters of the Sea' project, a paid training program aimed at recruiting young talents. The goal is to make attractive and cutting-edge jobs that young Italians tend to neglect”.

Pietro Cum, CEO of ELIS, said:

“Masters of the Sea stems from the need for professional profiles within a major Italian company and creates opportunities for the youth. We frequently hear about companies seeking staff without success and about disillusioned young people. When the realms of education and employment converge, we discover that a solution to the issue does exist”.