UMITRON deploys AI technology for fish farmers in Peru

UMITRON deploys AI technology for fish farmers in Peru

In mid-October UMITRON PTE. LTD. installed it’s AI powered portable feeder UMITRON CELL at Piscifactorias de los Andes (PIscis) farm outside of Puno, Peru on Lake Titicaca. The deployment is the first step in the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) backed project to introduce Umitron technology to rainbow trout farmers in Peru.

The AI powered feeder installed in Peru is UMITRON’s latest version of UMITRON CELL, a plug and play internet-connected fish feeder. The device is remotely powered by a solar panel and battery system which runs the onboard computer, camera, and motor system. The feeder holds a maximum of 400 kg of feed and dispenses it to the fish in precise doses. Fish can be monitored and the feed amount can be adjusted by the UMITRON mobile application for iOS or Android, or through a web app from a desktop computer. UMITRON CELL gives farmers greater control over when and how much they feed their fish while also providing valuable feedback on fish behavior via video and data analysis.

Local staff were trained on how to use UMITRON CELL and  it will make easier for feed operators at Piscis to change the feed amount as their fish grow and mature. It is also easy for them to monitor the fish from shore on a regular basis with the live streaming or saved video functions.

The end goal of this project in cooperation with Piscis and IDB is to expand data-driven feeding practices to more farms in Peru and Latin America. UMITRON looks forward to expanding its footprint in both Latin America and the rest of the world.