Solitaire to install export line to Troll A platform in Norwegian Sea

Solitaire to install export line to Troll A platform in Norwegian Sea
Photo: Allseas

Allseas' pipelaying queen Solitaire is back in the Norwegian Sea to install the export line connecting the Troll A platform with gas reserves Equinor is developing in the western part of its Troll field.

Positioned a few hundred metres from the platform, Solitaire, with assistance from Oceanic, started operations with a pull-in of the first pipe section into a special “seal tube” at the base of Troll A, some 300 m below the water surface.

Solitaire is one of the largest pipelay vessels in the world. The vessel has been operational since 1998 and has since steadily improved her performance. Her long length and ship-shape ensures excellent workability, and a pipe carrying capacity of 22,000 t makes her less dependent on offshore pipe supply in hostile areas. Precise manoeuvring on full dynamic positioning allows the vessel to work safely in congested areas.

Solitaire has laid numerous deepwater pipelines. In 2005 her S-lay capacity was increased to a holding force of 1050 t, enabling her to lay the heaviest pipelines. In 2007 she set the world record for ultra-deepwater pipeline installation, laying pipe to a depth of 2775 m (9100 ft). Solitaire’s high cruising speed, high laying speed and substantial carrying capacity make her competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.