Siem Offshore orders three new battery packages

Siem Offshore has signed contracts for an additional three battery packages.

Siem Offshore orders three new battery packages
Photo: Siem Offshore

For one of its OSCV’s an order has been placed with VARD Electro AS for a double battery system with DC-link allowing the vessel to operate for 1 hour in fully electric mode, in addition to provide estimated fuel savings in excess of 20%. Installation will take place inQ1-2022.

For the dual fuel LNG PSV Siem Thiima anorder has been placed with Kongsberg Maritime AS for a hybrid battery packageincluding shore power facilities. Installation will take place in Q1-2022.

Similar, for the dual fuel LNG PSV Siem Pride, an order for hybrid battery package has been placed with Wartsila Norway AS. For the upgrade, Wärtsilä will supply the hybrid drive, the energy management system, the transformer, batteries, and the switchboard modification. The dynamic-positioning system will also be upgraded, while the ship design will be modified for the new arrangement. A deck house containing the equipment will also be installed. Finalisation of the project is projected for April 2022, at which time the vessel will be awarded DNV’s Battery Power notation.

Steven Gavshon, General Manager, Projects and Operations, Wärtsilä Marine Power, says:

“We have worked closely with Siem Offshore for more than ten years, and are excited at this possibility to further reduce the carbon footprint of their fleet. When operating on electric power, there will be obvious savings in fuel costs and emissions. Furthermore, when in use, the ship’s engines may operate more on LNG, which further enhances the ship’s environmental sustainability.”

Hence, following the recently completed battery installation onboard Siem Symphony, all of its three PSV LNG-vessels will then shortly be able to deliver safe, efficient and even more environmentally friendly operations.

Jon August Houge, Operations Manager, Siem Offshore, says:

‘We are very pleased to see how well our customers and end clients are responding to these environmental upgrades, which will even further reduce their operating cost and carbon footprint.’