Rem Offshore selects Vessel Insight from Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital announce that they have entered a contract with Rem Offshore, for the roll-out of Vessel Insight on their three new offshore wind vessels that are under construction.

Rem Offshore selects Vessel Insight from Kongsberg Digital
Photo: Rem Offshore

The first vessel will be completed at Green Yard Kleven in November, while the other two are under construction at Vard, with completion in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

By installing the infrastructure service Vessel Insight, Rem Offshore will collect data from the vessels and enable the use of applications to optimize operations. An important part of the delivery is two applications from Kongsberg Maritime. Vessel Performance supports fuel consumption and emissions reduction, as well as automates reporting processes and eFSOG an advanced decision support tool (DSS). Kongsberg Digital is in the process of installing Vessel Insight on the first vessel, REM Energy, with this equipment, and the process will be finalized before the vessel leaves quay on November 29th.

Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President for Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital, says:

“We are very happy to have entered into this contract with Rem Offshore. By installing Vessel Insight on newbuilds before they leave the dock for the first time, the shipping companies will benefit by being able to use the data gathered to optimize their operations faster than what has been the norm up until now.”

Ronny Pål Kvalsvik, Commercial & Technical Manager in Rem Offshore, says:

“The Contract with Kongsberg Digital for our renewables fleet for data collection, vessel performance, and decision support gives us advantages for optimizing our operation & reducing emissions. Particularly the eFSOG/Decision support system will make a big step for us as a shipowner within the renewables sector for supporting our clients.”