Proman Stena Bulk formally names methanol tanker Stena Prosperous in Singapore

Proman Stena Bulk has formally christened Stena Prosperous during a ceremony at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore.

Proman Stena Bulk formally names methanol tanker Stena Prosperous in Singapore

After the ceremony, the 49,900 DWT IMOIIMeMAX vessel will be bunkered with a 20/80 green/conventional methanol blend, which delivers CO2e savings of 31% compared to the same voyage operated on Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO), while making additional particulate matter (PM), sulphur oxides (SOx), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) savings.

The blend delivers greenhouse gas emissions reductions below the 2025 target required by Fuel EU Maritime, further underlining methanol's viability as a pathway fuel.

Stena Prosperous is the last of six vessels in Proman Stena Bulk's joint venture fleet to be formally named, following the order for the six methanol-fuelled tankers being placed in 2019, and the first vessel being delivered in June 2022. 

The naming ceremony was attended by representatives from Proman, Stena Bulk and guests and dignitaries from the wider shipping community. It concluded with the traditional christening and blessing, conducted by Mrs Krisztina Grütter, the vessel's godmother.

Using methanol instead of conventional marine fuels virtually eliminates particulate matter and SOx, and cuts NOx by up to 80% during combustion. Technologies such as carbon capture, storage and utilisation used in the production process cut emissions further, and green methanol produced from biogas can bring more than 90% GHG emissions savings. By increasing the amount of green methanol in the mix as its production ramps up, ship owners can deliver on the pathway for emissions reductions set by the IMO and the EU. The viability of this is demonstrated by the 20/80 blend used this week by Stena Prosperous.

Today, all six vessels are in commercial operation, running on methanol. Two of the vessels are long-term time-chartered to provide the market with opportunities to gain wider operational experience of methanol as a marine fuel. 

Stena Prosperous has benefited from the $300m already invested by the Low Emission Methanol Shipping Company - the LEMSCO Fund - an industry-first investment fund targeting sustainable investments under Article 9 of the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. 

With four of the vessels in operation for the whole of 2023, Proman Stena Bulk has been able to track and assess the emissions performance of its fleet. This analysis shows that when the four vessels operate on methanol instead of VLSFO, the GHG emissions savings for a full year are around 5,500 tonnes.

In addition, the ships have demonstrated market-leading operational efficiency performance, as measured by the IMO's Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) methodology. For example, Stena Pro Patria has demonstrated operating performance 11% beyond the IMO's 2025 target, setting a new efficiency benchmark for methanol-fuelled tankers.

The six-ship fleet is currently crewed and operated by Stena Sphere company Northern Marine Group, who have highlighted the technical similarities of the tankers to conventionally fuelled vessels, meaning that they do not require a completely new set of operating procedures.