ONE launches Marine Safety and Quality Campaign 2022

The campaign will run from 8th August to 30th September 2022.

ONE launches Marine Safety and Quality Campaign 2022
Photo: ONE

Ocean Network Express (ONE) launches its Marine Safety and Quality Campaign to raise safety awareness and to mitigate marine accidents. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect global shipping operations over the long term, ONE continues to face difficulties in conducting ONE’s Vessel Quality Standard (ONE-VQS) physical inspections on board operated vessels all around the world. As such, over the past two years, self-inspection campaigns have comprised thorough checks by crew to mitigate risk of accidents in identified critical areas, supplementing the ONE-VQS.

Following the success of last year’s rigorous self-inspection campaign, this year's campaign highlights recurring observation items from previous years and draws on good practices from ONE's own inspection database. By sharing this information with all ONE-operated vessels, the campaign endeavours to further enhance the safety and quality of the vessels.

ONE is confident that this year’s campaign will help in building a safer working environment and increase safety consciousness on ONE-operated vessels. The campaign will also assist in assuring customers that ONE constantly provides safe and reliable services.

The focus of this year’s campaign will be on:

  • Sharing good practices highlighted during past vessel inspections on ONE operated vessels
  • Reaching out to the vessels to share any good practices from ship’s side
  • Sharing recurring observations that were pointed out during past vessel inspections

All vessels under ONE’s operation will be requested to reflect on the above items and their valuable responses will be analysed by ONE. 

ONE will then share the analysis and feedback with the whole fleet after formal completion of the campaign.