NYK, JERA, and Resonac start joint study on supplying ammonia as fuel to vessels

The study is the latest among shippers including North Sea Container Line, MOL and Bunker Holding that are exploring ammonia as an alternative marine fuel as they seek ways to cut emissions and meet decarbonisation goals.

NYK, JERA, and Resonac start joint study on supplying ammonia as fuel to vessels

On December 12, NYK, JERA Co., Inc. (hereinafter "JERA"), and Resonac Holdings Corporation (hereinafter “Resonac") signed an agreement to jointly study the supply of ammonia as fuel to ships.

As part of the Green Innovation Fund Project of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), NYK is conducting research and development of a tugboat equipped with a domestic ammonia-fueled engine (hereinafter "A-Tug") together with other partner companies. 

As part of this initiative, in conjunction with the completion of the A-Tug scheduled for next June, we will work together to realize the world's first safe and secure supply of fuel ammonia to ships.

Outline of Joint Study
・Establishment of safe operation methods for supplying ammonia as marine fuel
・Establishment of a system to transport and receive ammonia as marine fuel to and from the port area
・Lobbying relevant authorities to formulate rules on supplying ammonia as a marine fuel

As the energy shift towards a decarbonized society accelerates, the shipping industry is facing the urgent task of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and research and development is underway to convert marine fuels from conventional heavy oil to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and next-generation zero-emission fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia.

Since ammonia does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when combusted, it is expected to be a next-generation fuel that contributes to the prevention of global warming. Furthermore, by utilizing CO2-free hydrogen as the raw material for ammonia, achieving zero emissions is possible, considering the fuel's life cycle.

Currently, there are no examples of bunkering ammonia as marine fuel for ships equipped with ammonia-fueled engines, and this joint study is expected to promote the use of ammonia as marine fuel in the shipping sector.