Norside buys the platform supply vessel ‘Farland’ for offshore wind

The shipowning company Norside has taken ownership of Blue Ship Invest’s platform supply vessel ‘Farland’ and will convert it into a walk-to-work vessel for the offshore wind industry.

Norside buys the platform supply vessel ‘Farland’ for offshore wind

The PX121 design by Ulstein has once more proven to be a preferred design for conversions into new segments, and 'Farland' is about to transfer from the offshore oil & gas industry to the offshore wind industry.

CEO Hans Martin Gravdal in Norside says:

“The ship has currently accommodation for 22 people, and will, after the conversion, have accommodation for totally 60 persons. A new accommodation module will be installed, and a battery package as well as a gangway and cranes.”

The vessel is a PX121 design by Ulstein, a flexible design that combines a transit effective hull with large deck space. This translates to lower fuel consumption, and thus, reduced harmful emissions while maintaining high operability.

CEO Cathrine Kristiseter Marti at Ulstein says:

“We are pleased that a PX121 design will be converted for use in the growing offshore wind industry, giving the vessel a new life in the renewable segment.”

OSM Offshore Bergen/Vestland Offshore will have the management of the vessel, which will operate under the new name ‘Norside Cetus’. The vessel was originally built by Ulstein Verft and delivered under the name ‘Blue King’ in 2016.