NAVTOR and ScanReach sign agreement transforming vessel data into value

The agreement unites NAVTOR’s ship operations platform NavFleet, with ScanReach’s wireless IoT platform for a seamless performance monitoring and optimisation solution.

NAVTOR and ScanReach sign agreement transforming vessel data into value

NAVTOR and ScanReach have announced a partnership that will allow shipowners and operators to maximise the potential of onboard data, creating a simple, integrated solution to capture, aggregate and analyse system information for enhanced decision making. 

Mr Sæther explains further, “Capturing critical vessel data is one thing while utilising it for better operational and business awareness and decision making is another. NavFleet has the potential to unite ship and shore; sharing, validating and analysing data to continually monitor and improve vessel, and business, performance. It delivers complete control for owners and operators.”

Arild Risholm Sæther, CBDO NavFleet of NAVTOR, said:

“However, to really get the most out of the platform it needs as much data as possible – gathering in real-time information from systems throughout assets for optimal insights. This is where ScanReach’s amazing, plug-and-play wireless solution comes in. It helps join the dots between all relevant sensors and systems in a simple, robust and truly connected way. Together, NavFleet and ScanReach can make a huge difference for our customers here, helping them reach ambitious commercial and environmental objectives.”

NavFleet launched last year, using NAVTOR’s established digital ecosystem (including offerings such as digital chart table NavStation and cyber secure data gateway NavBox) as a foundation to enable smarter shipping. In addition to a system of analytics and dual data validation, with both machine and human quality checks, it also radically reduces administration tasks. This is achieved through automation, with auto-populated reports, reduced human interaction/error, and simplified compliance.

ScanReach, meanwhile, created a new industry paradigm when in January 2020 did its first installation on Olympic Orion. Hence launched the ground-breaking wireless IoT platform tailored for industry environments made of complex and confined steel environments. This connected both technology and teams, without the need for expensive cabling and installation work. In short, it’s the IoT made easy.

Arild Sæle, CEO of ScanReach, says:

“Our unique platform is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to realising those benefits, but we also see a means of adding significant value for the industry through innovative partnerships, like this one, with NAVTOR. They have similar values and ambitions to ScanReach, while sharing our focus on using the power of digital innovation to enable a smarter, more sustainable maritime future. We’re excited to be onboard together.”