mySamskipLogistics launch brings digital transparency to specialised freight forwarding

Samskip Logistics has passed a key milestone in its strategy to bring the power of digitalisation to under-served segments of the freight market.

mySamskipLogistics launch brings digital transparency to specialised freight forwarding
Photo: Samskip

Its new mySamskipLogistics global forwarding customer portal will have special significance for the reefer and other specialised cargo shippers contributing around three quarters of its volumes, the company says.

The new global forwarding customer portal went ‘live’ across all Samskip Logistics offices worldwide in the first week of November and allows customers to make freight bookings online and access track and trace information for all of their entered shipments. Up to date details covering shipment status, references and comments are available at any time, together with documents and invoices.

Martijn Tasma, Samskip Logistics Director Global Forwarding, says that the well-known benefits of online booking start with error avoidance, while continuous track and trace adds transparency and a record of actions for clients. While common to retail-based logistics, other parts of the supply chain have not been so well served by digitalisation, he says:

“Logistics is a 24/7 business where customers are entitled to expect up to date information on shipment status at all times. mySamskipLogistics makes the gains of digitalisation available to shippers not previously able to secure them, in fast-paced segments such as seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables. We developed the solution after listening to clients; the message came back loud and clear that specialised shippers also want these benefits.”

The portal is also linked to the INTTRA Open Trade Platform, so that vessel departures by INTTRA carriers are automatically captured within mySamskipLogistics. Future initiatives for the platform include plans for shippers to access analytics and reporting functionality, while freight status information could include connectivity to cold storage warehouses.

Tasma says:

“Forwarding is as much about data management and providing customers with information as it is about managing physical assets. The launch of mySamskipLogistics is a staging post in a journey that has seen Samskip Logistics tap into Power Bi as a tool to develop Key Performance Indicators and position ourselves to attract the brightest and best logistics professionals of tomorrow. It does not replace direct client contact, but supply chain frontrunners today build a lead by data management and data sharing. mySamskipLogistics also opens a path to introduce machine learning efficiency into forwarding in reefer logistics.”