LR and Triumph announce JDP for sustainable and advanced vessels

Collaboration will lead to a ShipRight procedure for ships operating in offshore, decommissioning and renewable sectors.

LR and Triumph announce JDP for sustainable and advanced vessels

Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Triumph Energy (Triumph), a marine technology company specialising in green technology and automation, have announced a new Joint Development Project (JDP) to ensure vessels are built and operated sustainably.

The collaboration will see a new ShipRight procedure for vessels used within the offshore energy, decommissioning and renewable energy sectors.

The new ShipRight Procedure will guarantee that vessels comply with relevant sustainability and ECO requirements, being built with the most sustainable materials that are currently available and ensuring that ships can be constructed and operated to meet the current IMO 2030 and 2050 requirements.

The joint development project will also focus on integrating advanced, remote facilities and artificial intelligence to reduce the crewing levels required for offshore and back deck operations, thus minimising personnel exposure offshore in hazardous areas and reducing the carbon footprint used in mobilising and demobilising personnel for offshore based operations.

As part of the JDP, Triumph have developed designs which incorporate technology that demonstrates reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, advanced energy recovery systems, and the use of certified sustainable materials for vessels used within offshore, renewables and decommissioning sectors.

These designs have been independently verified to be Carbon Positive and are compliant for carbon credit trading, green financing and green bonds, a global first. The joint development project will welcome other technology partners in the months to come.

Graeme Hyde, Americas Sr. Business Development Manager, LR said:

“Under this joint development partnership with Triumph the development of the ShipRight Procedure will build on Lloyd’s Register’s existing ECO notations, LR will support the creation of a landmark 100% sustainability notation that will provide evidence whether a vessel is certified as Carbon Positive and is compliant for all green financing. This will enable our clients to build and operate IMO 2030 and 2050 compliant vessels today.”

Gray Johnstone, Chief Operating Officer, Triumph said:

“Triumph has always had the vision of designing and building vessels that could be as future proofed as possible and now achieving IMO 2050 compliancy and Carbon Positive verification are two major milestones. Working with Lloyd’s Register, this joint development partnership will set the groundwork for us to further advance what we have achieved thus far.

"Verification of a vessel’s green credentials along with the initial higher CAPEX has always been a major barrier to entry for obtaining financing for new build vessels. The development of a notation that verifies 100% a vessels sustainability, compliance to IMO 2050 and Carbon Positive verification will remove these barriers and pave the way for a decarbonized maritime sector.”