Lithuania buys marine drone for Ukraine

This marine drone was named it “PEACE Дец.” Transliterated to Russian it would loosely mean “F * * * * * up,” or “terrible end.

Lithuania buys marine drone for Ukraine

This was reported by Lithuanian journalist and author Andrius Tapinas.

UAH 250 million has been already raised for 25 naval drones after Zelenskyy announced the first-ever fundraising campaign for a naval drone fleet on the U24 platform.

The unmanned sea vehicle in question is a unique Ukrainian project, the work on which has been classified. One such device costs UAH 10 million. The cost covers a drone equipped with an autopilot system, video subsystems, including night vision, special communication with e-warfare protection, backup communication modules, and a combat unit, as well as an autonomous ground control station, transportation and storage systems, and a data center.

These drones have already proven their effectiveness during an attack on the Russian fleet in occupied Sevastopol in October.