Explorers set out to become the first to row the notorious 2,300 mile Arctic route

Solis Marine Consultants sponsors Northwest Passage Expedition

Explorers set out to become the first to row the notorious 2,300 mile Arctic route
Photo: Northwest Passage

A team of explorers is setting out to become the first to row the notorious 2,300 mile Arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Truly the “Last Great First”, the navigation of the Northwest Passage by rowing boat will also raise worldwide awareness about the importance of ocean conservation and climate change.

Solis Marine Consultants has become a sponsor of the Expedition and will work with the team to assist with the complex logistical, navigational and operational challenges they face.

Navigating the Northwest Passage by human power alone hasn’t always been possible. Climate change has resulted in the sea ice retreating for longer periods each year, keeping the route open from July to September, which is when the rowers will embark on their challenge in 2022.

Whilst rowing the route, travelling east to west from Pond Inlet to Alaska, the team will draw attention to the drastically changing environment by taking part in data collection for The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup which will be used for future research.

Expedition Leader Leven Brown said:

“Navigating the Northwest Passage by human power is the ultimate row. We will face extreme temperatures, sleep deprivation and hardship. This story will capture the imagination of the nation and, with the help of our sponsors like Solis Marine we hope to achieve our goals.”

Addressing climate change and ocean conservation through the development of marine renewable energy and clean shipping to reduce pollution and cut carbon emissions is a cornerstone of Solis Marine’s work.

In addition, Solis Marine co-founder and master mariner John Simpson has a lifelong interest in polar exploration and the historical role of ships and crews from his home town of Hull in particular.

He said:

“Hull has always had a strong involvement with polar exploration, the Northwest Passage and the region throughout the years of Arctic whaling. By becoming an active sponsor of the Expedition we can use our experience and international marine network to help overcome some of the logistical and operational issues the explorers will face.”