Drone delivery heralds a new era for S5 Agency World at Singapore anchorage

S5 Agency World (S5) has announced it recently completed its first drone delivery of Cash to Master to the bulk carrier "NORD MAGELLAN", as it was anchored in Singapore.

Drone delivery heralds a new era for S5 Agency World at Singapore anchorage

Working in collaboration with leading drone services provider Skyports Drone Services, this achievement exemplifies S5 Agency World's commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability, and operational efficiency.

In collaboration with Skyports Drone Services, S5 were able to bring cutting-edge technology to the essential logistics of port agencies. The partnership offers a new way to realise carbon emissions reductions and reduce the environmental impact of port services. 

The successful drone delivery unlocks new possibilities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry. Compared to traditional methods of transportation, the company estimates a significant impact with the reduction of CO2 emissions from drone delivery services. Drone deliveries of this type can be completed in around 15 minutes, significantly faster than using traditional vessels, which take much longer. The approach substantially reduces GHG emissions and as a means to reduce delays in port calls, can create a more sustainable port visit, while minimising port time. 

Mak Sin Cherng, S5 Agency World's Global Sales Manager, commented on this accomplishment, stating,

"This innovative delivery approach shows how we can transform the operational landscape of port agency, but identifying new ways to conduct operations that reduce time, save costs and minimise emissions while vessels are in port. S5 is committed to delivering a new operating model for port services that embraces environmental, social and governance practices and, by creating more sustainable port calls, contributes to the maritime industry's drive towards a cleaner future." 

"As part of our sustainability goals, we are actively working towards reducing our overall emissions by 40% by 2025 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050."

Sanjay Suresh, General Manager (APAC) of Skyports Drone Services said,

"We are delighted to be able to partner with S5 Agency Worldwide on this project and realise the potential that our drones have to support decarbonisation in the shipping industry. Working with the S5 team, we were are able to provide speedy, net-zero delivery solutions on this port calls and reduce delays and waiting times for the vessel."

Transitioning from traditional launch boats to drones for delivering Cash to Master (CTM) to vessels at sea is a game-changer for S5 Agency World. This new approach not only enhances operational safety by eliminating the need for agents to board vessels but also addresses the common risks associated with such operations.

This successful drone delivery demonstrates S5 Agency World's commitment to operational excellence and reinforces its pledge to spearhead positive change in the maritime industry.