DEME upgrades DP fallpipe vessel fleet

In light of upgrading its fallpipe vessel fleet, DEME has taken the decision to invest in a new DP fallpipe vessel by purchasing and converting a bulk carrier.

DEME upgrades DP fallpipe vessel fleet
Photo: DEME

This important move highlights DEME’s commitment to its customers and to rejuvenate its fleet for the offshore energy industry.

An agreement with Pax Ocean Shipyards of Singapore was signed and the vessel will enter the yard in late October to undergo extensive conversion works.

DEME already operates some of the most well-known fallpipe vessels in the industry, ‘Flintstone’, ‘Rollingstone’ and ‘Seahorse’, which serve clients in all segments of the rock installation market.

Continuing DEME’s efforts to operate a fleet for the future, the new fallpipe vessel will be fully compliant with the latest emission standards and feature the latest environmental technology, including a battery pack for best-in-class fuel efficiency and more sustainable operations.

The vessel will be equipped with a central fallpipe system plus a large, inclined fallpipe in order to allow pre- and post-lay activities using rocks with larger diameters close to subsea structures. The new vessel is set to join the DEME fleet in the first half of 2024.