Bedrock selects Exail's inertial navigation system for next-generation AUV

The Phins 9 Compact INS will be integrated into Bedrock’s new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)

Bedrock selects Exail's inertial navigation system for next-generation AUV

Exail has concluded its first sale of the Phins 9 Compact brand-new compact high-performance Inertial Navigation System (INS) to Bedrock, a leader in underwater data acquisition platforms. 

Bedrock's AUV is a purpose-built, modular platform designed for swift deployment in geophysical surveys and monitoring. Equipped with Multibeam Echosounder (MBES), Side Scan Sonar (SSS), and Magnetometer (MAG), the AUV boasts a 300m depth rating and 12-hour endurance surveying at 3 knots with all systems operational. The integration of Phins 9 Compact INS will empower Bedrock to achieve high navigational accuracy, address operational efficiencies, and mitigate Total Horizontal Uncertainty (THU) and Total Vertical Uncertainty (TVU).

"The INS was central to addressing uncertainties and performance challenges for our AUV. We sought an INS solution that could overcome challenges in form factor, power, support, compactness, accuracy, and performance, and Exail's Phins 9 Compact INS seamlessly aligns with all these requirements”, remarked Charles Chiau, CTO and co-founder at Bedrock. “We are eager to witness the field performance of this INS during sea trials and explore its potential in enhancing our AUV's navigational capabilities."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Bedrock on this exciting venture. The integration of our Phins 9 Compact INS into Bedrock's AUV exemplifies the innovation and precision that both companies strive to achieve," said Shayan Haque, Sales Manager at Exail. "We look forward to the successful deployment of our technology and the positive impact it will have on Bedrock's geophysical survey capabilities."

Boasting compact dimensions of 88.9 x 130 mm, the Phins 9 Compact stands as the most compact high-performance INS available in the market. With a power consumption of less than 7 W and a DVL-aided position accuracy of 0.1% TD, it provides exceptional reliability and navigation precision for compact subsea vehicles operating in demanding applications with low power requirements.